The children have been involved in creating our school rules. This is regularly reviewed and discussed in whole school assemblies and in classroom situations. Each class develops its own code based on the school rules.

If you see something on the floor, pick it up. Don’t pick it up if it’s sharp or dangerous, tell a grown up instead.

Be polite and don’t say bad words.

Use kind words instead.

Always walk safely in school.

Walk outside unless you are playing a game. You can run outside if it is safe.

Make sure you walk when the bell rings.

Don’t hurt, don’t kick or push.

Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

Don’t do anything that might hurt someone else.

If you think you might hurt someone else or you see someone hurting someone – tell a grown up.

Say ‘Excuse me’ if you need to get through.

Listen to each other. Put your hand up to speak when you are in groups, or classes or in the hall.


Rules chosen and agreed by the children Sept 2014

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